A Street Photographer’s Notebook.

Although challenging, street photography is also incredibly rewarding and has the potential to produce some of the most compelling images in your portfolio.


Ask a number of street photographers how they combat the many issues associated with this area of the medium and you will typically receive an interesting but conflicting set of answers. I designed and authored this eBook as I value chronicling day-to-day life and I’m frequently, and usually tentatively, asked about the various ways of operating.

In addition there have been laws passed in certain countries that make shooting street photographer very difficult if not impossible to undertake. As the name suggests A Street Photographer’s Notebook is my personal take on the subject and covers a little history, why I feel it’s important and the many questions that I’m frequently asked.


With over 90 personal images the eBook discusses areas such as the following: How does our equipment affect our results? Posed or candid? Colour or monochrome? How do we develop a personal style? The publication can be read on a whole host of portable and desktop devices and can be found at the following links:

iBooks click here

Amazon click here




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