Tolerate or legislate?

copyright shaun hines

Anyone who’s studied the history of the medium will have encountered the work of a great number of street photographers working within this area. The likes of Atget, Cartier-Bresson, Winogrand, Klein, Maier and Moriyami make a pitifully short list of examples. However, those few names have been quoted for very specific reasons and include the individual aesthetics adopted, the subject matter chosen, how it was approached and why.

The variety that each practitioner brings to the discourse is wide ranging, inspiring and the work goes some way in chronicling social developments. Now imagine a history of photography with their work erased. Is this really what we desire for photography’s future as a result of either completely outlawing street photography or making it virtually impossible to practice?

As an example, further reading on Hungarian laws can be found here

copyright shaun hines

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