for your consideration…

I’m not going to express my in-depth personal views on either of the articles listed below, I’ll pitch in if a discussion develops. Least to say they both greatly concern me and they have been placed here as I’d generally like to hear the opinions of others.

Garry Winogrand’s uneasy eye
By Caille Millner
March 22, 2013

copyright shaun hines

The Ethics of Street Photography
By Joerg Colberg
April 3, 2013

You can view some of Winogrand’s work here:


2 thoughts on “for your consideration…

  1. I don’t see how Caille came to that conclusion….Sadly she has her own hidden agenda here and decided to vent that at the photographer…I would have expected a more open and creative piece of journalism.

  2. Whether you’re a supporter of street photogaphy or not I’m sure anyone that reads that article will not only question the standard of journalism but, as importantly, the sweeping and defamatory assumptions made towards any Winogrand fans….a little research in to art history might not go amiss either.

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